Top Five Adventure Activities in Ladakh

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Published: 03rd August 2012
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Nestled in the glory of snow capped mountains, Ladakh has some challenging terrains to conquer. Trekking in Ladakh is definitely not the most comfortable experience since the dwindling topography is forever changing. There is much to resign to and thatís exactly where all the enthusiasm should kick in. Here is a list of the Top Five Adventure Activities to undertake if youíve planned a visit to Ladakh.

1. Trekking: There is a wide range of treks you can choose from. Itís really a matter of picking and choosing in Ladakh. The degree of difficulty, the duration, the weather and the trail are indicators against which one could decide which trek to commence. The Zanskar and Nubra Valley are particularly great experiences of trekking in Ladakh. The Nubra experience is particularly enriching since it reasons out why Ladakh is called a Cold Desert. From Sand Dunes to Camels to Hot Springs, one can witness it all. One could also chart out a trek from one monastery to another. The best months to embark upon treks are between June and September. But if you would love to go on trekking in winter months, there are other destinations for trekking in India, such as Kerala or regions around Bangalore which offer a brilliant experience.

2. Jeep Safari: If youíre not a fan of taking long strides for prolonged durations, you could book a jeep safari. The vehicles take on the rugged terrain of the Himalayan region with equal strength and the beauty lining all ascends in Ladakh is really something one should not miss. There are Jeep Safaris available for the Nubra Valley, the Zankskar Valley, the Rupsho Valley and the Spiti Valley. There are a number of temples and monasteries en route. And some of the best trips are to the obscure, yet famous lakes in the eastern pockets of Ladakh.

3. Mountaineering: Some of the most famous peaks in Ladakh are that of The Stok-khangri Massif Mt. Nun (7135m), and Mt. Kun (7077m). There are more peaks around Leh such as Kantak, Konglacha and a few others. All these make for excellent climbing experiences. However, climbers do require special permits to conquer the Karakoram peaks which fall in restricted areas. The best time is definitely during the summer months of May and June, extending up to October.

4. Bike Riding: Traversing a mixture of treacherous terrains and pristine tarmac through some of the highest passes in the world, bike riding in Ladakh could be a maniacal experience. The wind in your face is particularly refreshing. There is also a sense of unparalleled freedom whilst on those bikes. The experience is rewarding because of the unpredictability of the terrain. Royal Enfield organizes a tour of Ladakh every year where all necessary logistics are taken care of. One can also join bike clubs in their own cities. Some exceptional rides are Ladakh-Pangong, Ladakh-Khardungla and Nubra and Ladakh-Darcha-Sarchu (while exiting Ladakh).

5. White Water Rafting: The Indus has some indecisive rapids which make rafting a thrilling experience in Ladakh. The rapids are generally of I and II grades and at some places, has grade III to even V rapids. The popular rafting points are from Phey to Nimo or Upshi to Nimo. Alchi and Khaltsey is specifically defiant and is something that experienced rafters must try. There are also quieter and less active lengths pass through Thiskey and Shey villages and end just short of the main city.

Ladakh could be the perfect backdrop to your team building activities, leadership programs etc. If you are looking to organize a team outing in Ladakh, or any other destination of India, could come in handy for you. It is an organization dedicated to help companies organize thrilling team building activities such as trekking, rafting etc. in various destinations across India.

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